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 Product Description

Improve efficiency, boost reimbursement, and master 2024 CPT® Code Changes with the Procedural Coding Expert 2024

It’s everything you need for each coding decision — conveniently organized and easily identifiable with color-coded alerts and highlights. Get quick access to essential data for spot-on CPT® coding.

The user-friendly design lays out the 2024 CPT® code set with full code descriptors, E/M coding advice, CPT® to HCPCS Level II G code crosswalks, CPT® and HCPCS Level II modifiers with definitions and tips, proprietary laboratory analyses codes, inpatient-only procedure codes, brand-name vaccinations associated with CPT® codes, vascular families for interventional radiology coding, Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) details — and so much more.

Key features and benefits:

  • Complete 2024 CPT® code set: Find all current CPT® codes and their descriptions in one place.
  • Customized alphabetic index for 2024: Save time and eliminate cross-reference searching with thousands of easy-to-follow entries.
  • Comprehensive code chapters: Effortlessly locate Category I, II, and III, multianalyte assays, and proprietary laboratory analyses codes.
  • 2024 coding advice for new/revised/deleted codes: Avoid errors with coding tips for new and revised codes, plus go-to crosswalks for deleted codes.
  • CPT® and HCPCS Level II modifiers: Refer to definitions and guidance for assigning modifiers correctly.
  • CPT®-to-G code crosswalks: Quickly locate G codes for billing Medicare and other payers simply by looking up CPT®
  • Colored symbols and code alerts: Expansive highlights throughout the chapters emphasize coding and billing requirements and reimbursement information:
    • New/revised, add-on, and re-sequenced codes
    • FDA approval pending
    • Modifier 51 or 63 exempt
    • Female/male only procedures, maternity services/procedures
    • MIPs code, telemedicine code
    • Facility/non-facility total RVUs
    • Global days
    • MUEs
    • Modifier crosswalks
    • HCPCS code dosage for drugs
    • Payment Limit Maximum Reimbursement Amount
    • ASC payment indicator/ASC separate payment
    • APC status indicator/APC value
    • CPT® Assistant article references
  • Appendices: Access all the information you need in one convenient resource:
    • New, revised, and deleted codes for 2024
    • 2024 crosswalks for deleted codes
    • Inpatient-only procedure codes
    • Category II modifiers
    • Re-sequenced codes
    • Vascular families for interventional radiology
    • Lists of modifier 51 exempt, modifier 63 exempt, and add-on codes
    • Place of service and type of service codes and definitions
    • Payment status indicators and definitions
    • HCPCS Level II modifiers and descriptions
    • Brand-name and generic vaccinations associated with CPT® codes
    • Drug class list
  • Helpful illustrations: Boost your understanding of procedures with detailed anatomical illustrations throughout the chapters.
  • E/M Office and Other Outpatient (99202–99215) Audit Worksheet: Keep your E/M pay on track by ensuring compliance with 2021 E/M guidelines.
  • Dictionary-style headers and bleed tabs: Easily navigate chapters with color-coded page headings highlighting the code range on every page.
  • Note pages: Use convenient note pages between each chapter to jot down critical coding reminders.

Procedural Coding Expert 2024 provides an easy way to maximize reimbursement in the year ahead.

Note: This book is not the official AMA CPT® code book and CANNOT be used for AAPC certification exams.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.


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