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In-depth help with cardiac cath and interventional coding, peripheral procedural coding including carotids, lower extremities, renal, visceral and more

The combining of peripheral procedures into cardiac cath labs has created challenges for coders. Do you struggle pinpointing the key words and phrases in already highly complex documentation? Is there consistency in your procedural reports, or do they vary form physician to physician?

Is there confusion about modifiers based on location (POS) or encounter status of the patient? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, our Peripheral & Cardiology Coder book supports your coding accuracy and, ultimately, your revenue stream.

Count on the experts behind this popular, practical resource to explain, step by step, how procedures are performed, the subtle differences between similar procedures.
Peripheral & Cardiology Coder will also guide you on how to zero in on key words, acronyms and phrases in the physician documentation to arrive at the correct CPT® codes.

With enhanced knowledge, skills and confidence, you will quickly and correctly arrive at the right code choices that support your ability to consistently report a clean claim for maximized reimbursement.

Features and Benefits

Our experts address recent changes, plus common questions, concerns, and problem areas:

  • Coverage of the latest code changes for reporting peripheral (non-coronary) and cardiology procedures
  • Address confusion over the coding and documentation of peripheral procedures involving lower and upper extremities, abdominal (aortography and selective renal and visceral) and carotids; includes detailed narratives and case studies to address proper code selection from real-life scenarios
  • Address modifiers for both cardiac cath, percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) and peripheral procedures as your key to proper reimbursement
  • Special help with the rules for coding and documenting peripheral imaging and interventions, when allowed at the same encounter — an area being embraced by more and more cath labs
  • Answers to many frequently asked questions, such as “how do we bill for a diagnostic coronary cath in addition to a PCI?” and “can I code/report a catheter placement with the peripheral interventional procedures?”

Clear, step-by-step guidance through the tasks you perform every day:

  • Coding for diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization and peripheral procedures (lower extremity, upper extremity, lower extremity veins, abdominal, renal, head/neck), as well as diagnostic cardiology and noninvasive vascular procedures
  • Covers code assignments by both hospital (technical) OPPS and physician (professional) entities
  • Meeting documentation requirements to support medical necessity and code assignments

A proven quick-reference approach for busy professionals:

  • Codes are grouped for fast navigation: by body system (e.g., head and neck) and then by CPT code sequence
  • Each section includes but is not limited to general coding guidelines; tables with CPT/HCPCS codes, modifier information, RVUs and hospital OPPS payment rates; definition of each procedure with its corresponding CPT code; and billing tips
  • Case studies, with insightful commentary throughout the book, as well as full dictated reports, featuring highlighted key phrases, at the end of each chapter, to reinforce the rationale behind code assignments
  • Anatomical illustrations for visual representations of common and complex procedures


CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.


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