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Dental practices rely on accurate claims for timely reimbursements. Count on the ADA to give you the correct information you need to prevent reporting errors and maximize reimbursement. ADA is the official and definitive source for CDT, an essential part of dentists’ everyday business. CDT 2023: Current Dental Terminology includes updates across eight CDT Code categories, featuring several new codes related to diagnostic imaging.

 CDT 2023 changes include:
   -22 new codes
   -14 revisions
   -2 deleted codes

 This edition also includes seven new codes adopted in March 2022 related to COVID-19 vaccine administration.


Other highlights in CDT 2023 include new and revised codes for:

-Intraoral tomosynthesis and 3D surface scans

-HPV vaccine administration

-Guided tissue regeneration

-Intraoral radiograph images

-Gingival flap procedures

-Full mouth debridement

-Gingival irrigation

In addition to providing the most up-to-date codes, CDT 2023 also includes access to the CDT app and online e-book, providing digital access to the full suite of CDT codes and descriptors. The CDT app may be accessed from a desktop or mobile device. 


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