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Evaluation and management (E/M) coding is notoriously difficult because coders may have trouble selecting the correct code from among a range of seemingly appropriate choices.

Consequently, providers can make more mistakes with E/M coding than coding for any other item or service. This resource offers detailed and advanced guidance on selecting the appropriate E/M codes, with helpful resources designed for difficult E/M coding situations.

Optum360 Edge — Free access to the first module of Optum360’s Evaluation & Management Education Overview eLearning course. Earn 1 CEU.
Complete update to the significant changes in E/M coding process.
Compliance guidance, checklist, and worksheets. Assists in helping avoid costly revenue take-backs.
ICD-10-CM code assignment hinges on the quality and detail of E/M encounter data. Get the appropriate ICD-10-CM coding assignments with improved E/M coding process. Minimize physician queries and prevent delays in claims processing pending information and stop outright claims denials. 
Includes clinical case studies. Train coders and clinicians using real-life scenarios.
Telemedicine services. Understand how E/M services are reported.
Chapter addressing HCPCS codes. HCPCS types of services complete in one chapter.
Covers E/M services. Review of the E/M rules and protocols.
Helpful advice designed for difficult E/M coding situations. Well-patient exams, H1N1 flu, and other common, but problematic coding scenarios are explained.
Includes knowledge assessments. With answers and rationale, get instant feedback on knowledge retention.
Targeted areas. Review what auditors are targeting, such as critical care.
Documentation guidance. Review key factors for proper E/M code selection, plus advice to help clinicians make an objective review of subjective information.

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