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 Product Description

From recurring challenges to code changes, get answers directly from our experts

From resolving persistent areas of confusion and noncompliance, to correctly interpreting and applying recent code changes, you can depend on the ultrasound coding, documentation and billing guidance in the latest edition of our Ultrasound Coder book.

Features and Benefits

Our ultrasound experts address common questions, concerns and problem areas:

  • In-depth coding guidance with noninvasive vascular studies, including what constitutes a complete vs. limited study
  • Special help with areas of confusion, such as OB vs. non-OB ultrasound, soft-tissue ultrasound, breast ultrasound, elastography, echocardiography, testicular ultrasound, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and fine needle aspirations
  • Guidance on recently added and updated codes for ultrasound elastography, contrast-enhanced ultrasound, bone density ultrasound and fine needle aspiration biopsy
  • Instruction to help you avoid costly miscoding of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) ultrasound screening, ankle brachial index (ABI) assessments, complete vs. limited studies and other recurring trouble spots

Updated annually to address new and problematic areas including:

  • Step by step through new, revised and deleted codes for ultrasound procedures
  • Additional clarifications, guidance and case examples covering areas of ambiguity, such as:
    • Liver ultrasound elastography
    • Duplex studies
    • Retroperitoneal ultrasound (CPT® codes 76770 vs. 76775)
    • Nonvascular extremity ultrasound (CPT codes 76881 and 76882)
    • FAST exams in the emergency department, followed by a more thorough exam in imaging

Clear, step-by-step guidance through the tasks you perform every day:

  • Coding for a full range of ultrasound procedures, including diagnostic ultrasound, ultrasound guidance procedures, echocardiography (fetal and non-fetal), noninvasive vascular diagnostic studies and IVUS
  • Covers code assignments by both hospital (technical) and physician (professional) entities
  • How to accurately interpret physician documentation, including key words to look for, critical omissions and subtle word variations that can lead to substantially different results

A proven approach to effective learning and quick reference for busy professionals:

  • Codes are grouped for fast navigation: by body system (e.g., head and neck) and then by CPT code sequence
  • Each section includes general coding guidelines; tables with CPT/HCPCS codes, modifier information, RVUs and hospital OPPS payment rates; definition of each procedure with its corresponding CPT code; and billing tips
  • Case studies, with insightful commentary, throughout the book, to reinforce coding instruction

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