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InHealth Professional Services, the nation's medical practice publications expert, is pleased to be able to offer you a combination of premier publications for your practice's coding and reimbursement needs. 

We've packaged these essential publications together and are offering them to you at a special price, so take advantage of savings on our package pricing today!

2018 InHealth Professional Services RBRVS

When billing surgical procedure codes, have you ever wondered whether you should attach a modifier for multiple procedures, bilateral procedures, assistant surgeon, co-surgeon, and team-surgery? Put the wrong modifier and you may lose reimbursement. Don't use a modifier, when it's needed, and the code may be denied without payment. The InHealth Professional Services Professional RBRVS Reference will give you the answer quickly. This book will give physicians and their staff members a concise reference to use for billing procedures according to Medicare rules as defined in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Use this book as a quick reference for your most common billing questions. We include nearly 10,000 physician services and:

  • Component relative value units (RVUs) for each code - Work, Non-Facility Practice Expense, Facility Practice Expense and Malpractice Expense
  • A chart to help you determine the physician supervision requirements for diagnostic testing 
  • Status indicators to show whether a code is in the Medicare fee schedule and whether it is separately payable if the service is covered
  • Various payment policy indicators needed for payment adjustment for each code - for example, payment of assistant at surgery, team surgery, bilateral procedures, co surgery and multiple procedure billing
  • A chart to help you determine the endoscopic base code to calculate Medicare's reimbursement for endoscopic procedures
  • Global Days, so you will know when to bill E/M codes (and other services) after the follow-up period of a procedure. You'll know quickly whether you may start billing the next day, after 10 days or after 90 days

And much more!

2018 InHealth Professional Services Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide

This is THE GUIDE for anyone who is serious about the reimbursement process.

The InHealth Professional Services Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide is unique in that it provides a fee range for virtually all CPT® Codes, including the new 2018 codes. Today, setting fees is but one aspect of ensuring adequate practice revenue. One must also bill correctly, taking advantage of all legitimate coding conventions – use of modifiers, add-on codes, billing supplies, global periods, etc. Additionally, one must navigate complex compliance issues. That’s what this Guide is about – establishing appropriate fees and taking advantage of legitimate coding opportunities. Compare our Guide with other products that cost twice as much yet contain no coding and billing tips. You will find that the Fee Guide will help improve your medical practice.

We guarantee that the 
2018 Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide includes benefits only available through InHealth Professional Services HealthCare Solutions. The 24th edition of the Physicians' Fee and Coding Guide includes:

  • Updated $FEE RANGE for virtually every 2018 CPT® code
  • Many more billing tips and opportunities to Improve your practice’s results
  • New CPT® codes and descriptions for 2018 with expected fees
  • The latest documentation and selected coding guidelines
  • As a point of reference, Medicare relative values and national allowances (the $FEE RANGE is Non-Medicare)
  • Written by professional medical practice managers and coders with years of experience assisting physicians with the coding & billing process
  • Available in spiral or softbound

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