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The ADA released CDT 2017: Dental Procedure Codes on Aug. 30, a revised edition that features 11 new codes, five revised codes and one deleted code.

CDT 2017: Dental Procedure Codes builds on previous code sets with codes that fill documentation gaps, making it easier to code quickly and accurately. More detailed options for documentation also provide better protection from legal liability, as well as fewer rejected insurance claims. CDT 2017 is the most up-to-date coding resource and the only HIPAA-recognized code set for dentistry. With the emergence of electronic health care records (EHR), coding for specific procedures is more important than ever. 

CDT 2017 contains:

  • New periodontal and restorative codes to fill gaps and provide a continuum of treatment depending on the clinical condition of the patient’s dentition
  • New codes for dental case management, which document the practice’s actions to plan visits, coordinate care and provide counseling
  • New code for managing and documenting your interactions with patients’ medical care providers

Code changes include:

  • 11 new procedure codes
  • 5 revised procedure codes
  • 1 deleted procedure codes


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