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 Product Description
The 2016 ICD-10-PCS with our hallmark features and format including the Medicare Code Edits (MCE) for the new ICD-10 MS-DRG reimbursement system.  This resource contains the HIPAA-mandated ICD-10-PCS code set, plus the familiar Optum360 coding and reimbursement alerts you have come to rely upon.  Set the standard for coding accuracy, the cornerstone of health care analytics and revenue cycle management, with the confidence only an Optum360 product can deliver. 

  • New—Optum360 Edge—New productivity tools. Body part definitions table and root operation conversion table.  
  • Optum360 Edge—Intuitive features and format. Ease into the new classification system using these handy code tables to build the code through character value selections that reflect the procedure performed.  
  • Optum360 Edge—Color-coding and symbols for the Medicare Code Edits. This edition includes all our hallmark color-coding and symbols for the most comprehensive coverage of ICD10 MS-DRG MCEs for procedures including:
o Noncovered procedures
o Limited coverage procedures
o Combination only procedures
o Non-operating room procedures affecting MS-DRG assignment 
o Non-operating room procedures NOT affecting MS-DRG assignment o Hospital acquired condition (HAC)-related procedures 

  • Optum360 Edge—Procedure combination tables. Identify ICD-10-PCS code combination requirements needed to satisfy certain MS-DRG requirements.  
  • Illustrations. Featuring anatomy and terminology included in the ICD-10-PCS classification system.  
  • Detailed information on structure and conventions of ICD-10-PCS. Learn the new coding system with its unique structure of specific definition and functions for each character.  
  • Complete set of ICD-10-PCS codes. View all 16 sections of tables by general procedure type from medical/surgical to substance abuse—30 tables in the medical surgical section alone covering procedures on all body systems.
  • Valuable resources to enhance productivity. Receive additional resources to help guide the user, including: 
o Root operation definition table for medical/surgical section 
o Root operation for medical/surgical section grouped by objective 
o Operation/Type definition tables for other ICD-10-PCS sections 
o Body part definitions and body part key for accurate identification of correct body part character 
o Device key and device aggregation tables 
o Approach definitions 
o Substance key  

  • Official coding guidelines. Learn how to use the code set appropriately following the guidelines specific for each section.  
  • Basic tutorial with coding scenarios. Find step-by-step instructions in a well-organized format for developing basic coding proficiency of the new code set and implementing it in your facility. 
  • Coding exercises. Facilitate training by completing sample exercises using the ICD-10-PCS code set.  
  • HIPAA compliance. Comply with HIPAA transaction and code set requirements to avoid delayed or denied claims and costly fines for violations.

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