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 Product Description
In 2016, many CPT code changes will take effect. This edition of CPT Changes will explain changes throughout the entire code set, including those areas with some of the most noteworthy changes: Cardiovascular, Prolonged Office Services, Digestive, Radiation Oncology, Vaccines, and Pathology/Laboratory Testing.

AMA is the authority to turn to when seeking official interpretation and explanation for a CPT code or guideline change. Know the changes inside and out. Avoid and reduce claim denials.

The new 2016 edition has been completely redesigned with:

  • Larger page size and spiral binding
  • New headings and tabs for easier navigation
  • Four-color instead of two-color printing to parallel CPT Professional
  • Two-column page layout for easier reading
  • Improved rationales to communicate the reasons for — and the implications of — the changes
  • New table at the beginning of each section detailing the code changes within that section
  • New subject-code index for quick search and access to codes and procedures

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